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What is Grow a tree for me all about?

The grow a tree for me project has been setup so that individuals and businesses can offset carbon emissions with the planting of trees. To start the project will be using donations from individuals and businesses to purchase suitable land and plant as many trees as possible. Once the project is underway, individuals will be able to visit their trees and members will have access to the various reserves that have been created. It is our aim to plant trees in a suitable manner to support local wildlife and create unique nature reserves that can be enjoyed by everyone.
Please look at the project list for our latest objectives.

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Growing the business


- Raising donations
- Register charity
- Purchase suitable land
- Begin plantation
- Expand charitable business


Promoting the importance

We intend to focus on education for children, Schools and Business promoting the importance of climate control and the key role forests play in this.


Nature reserves for everyone

Each forest will be created with nature in mind. We hope that each forest will become a secure environment for the introduction and preservation of many species.